When I built my new home it was a blank canvas. Every wall was the same boring, beige color. Sherry came in and looked around and had a vision of what would work for me. She gets to know her client and with her eye for beauty and creativity, she can turn a house into the home of your dreams.


When my husband and I built our own home I had no idea of the number of decisions that had to be made in the process. My guy is an awesome Carpenter and all round handy kind of fellow (shhh……don’t tell him I said so). He had the decisions on blue prints, roofing, siding and all that stuff pretty much covered. That just left about a million decisions on paint for walls and trim in every room, flooring, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, counter tops, wall decor, etc, etc, etc……..well you get the idea. I was pretty much in panic mode just thinking about it! That’s where Sherry came in and I have to say it made those many choices so much easier, and yes, even fun. There were a lot of laughs along the way and we ended up with a beautiful home. There were some suggestions which I could not envision at the time and struggled with, but I put my faith in Sherry and in the end I could not believe how harmonious and right on point they were. It is a home that we love to have family and friends come to and share the ambiance that Sherry helped to create. Sherry will listen to what your vision is and gently lead you in the right direction. She has the ability to picture what a room can look like and make it happen. So if you are looking for someone to help you decorate a new home, re-decorate an older home or just help you organize and get rid of clutter to bring a room to life, do yourself a favour and give Sherry a call. Her knowledge, wonderful spirit and love for what she does will not disappoint and your home will thank you! 

– Faye