Have you just moved to a new home, but don’t know how to start decorating, or how to arrange your current furniture? Are you overwhelmed with trying to downsize to a smaller home and /or business? Can’t find that document you were looking for in the various piles on your desk due to clutter? Can’t decide the colours you are looking for to redecorate? Or even where to start?

Sherry Phillips, a certified designer with Declutter and Design, is available to help! Her knowledge in design combined with years of experience customizing living spaces has prepared her to turn stressful areas into the peaceful, picturesque utopia you have always dreamed of. With today’s busy life style it is hard to accomplish all that you need to in a day. She can help you organize your home to make your life less stressful.

There is no need to purchase new furniture. Sherry can transform the space using your existing furniture and décor.

She will make the selling of your home a little less daunting with staging for you. We all want our homes to sell fast and Sherry’s help will give any potential buyer a stellar first impression.

Sherry is able to design for you, shop with you and assist you in any manner to achieve your goals!



Web Adress: www.declutteranddesign.ca